Meeting Your Recruitment Demands

TALENT ACQUISITION ADVISORY, LLC specializes in fulfilling your company’s distinct vision of growth and success.  Our team is committed to adding value to your company by offering a broad range of options to meet your hiring demands.  With our perspective and scope, we work outside-the-box to present effective solutions to improve your team.



As the saying goes, time is money. In our role as recruiting specialists, we take the lengthy process of locating and screening Premium Talent off your shoulders. We provide extensive resources and a comprehensive strategy for finding, vetting, and presenting candidates who exhibit the qualities and skills that meet your expectations. By partnering with us, your management team can focus on your company’s success while saving valuable time.


We diligently work at expanding our network of candidates. At times, the perfect person for your company is not currently searching for a new opportunity. They are focused on productivity, not job hunting. Our team fills the gap between outstanding employers and quality candidates by providing the connection they both need to meet their potential.


Successfully recruiting the best candidates involves meeting their needs, as well as our clients. Our focus is on negotiating a mutually rewarding agreement between you and the selected candidate. We strive to address all the questions and concerns of both parties to ensure a beneficial relationship is established from the beginning. Together, hiring managers and our specialists, can bring Premium Talent to your team.


We communicate with hiring managers and interested candidates every day. We know which companies are growing and which are not. We recognize the plans and strategies that bring success. Our team is always searching for ideas and concepts to give your company the edge in recruitment and retention.


Finding the best candidate for your company’s needs often requires a broadly scoped search. Advertising in local or industry-specific formats can be ineffective and frustrating. Our recruiting specialists have the knowledge and network to locate the outstanding candidates you require, from local to world-wide.

The Value

For adding value to your team, please consider these thoughts:

1) Do you have the experience and knowledge to successfully locate, recruit, and hire Premium Talent?
2) What are the long-term costs in productivity, morale, and efficiency when vital positions remain open?
3) What is the actual overall cost to your company by attempting to fill those positions with the best possible candidates on your own?
4) By using a recruitment service, how much time and productivity would your company save?
5) Is there any risk in hiring our recruitment service on a contingent basis?


Focused Service

To ensure comprehensive service, we focus on recruiting for a limited number of companies at one time. By getting to know your company’s needs, direction, and culture, we offer individualized search results that bring you Premium Talent.

Mutual Success

Our company will succeed as we assist in your company’s success. We understand the importance of matching highly qualified candidates with suitable employers. Our process of researching your company’s expectations while thoroughly evaluating candidates helps ensure mutual success.

Multiple Options

To provide relevant, high-value options, we offer several levels of service. We recognize that your company’s priorities and focus may differ from time to time. We also realize that you may use multiple sources to fill hiring demands. As your needs change, our flexibility can help meet them.

Service Level – Retained

This level is our full-service option. Clients who choose this option receive dedicated, top priority service for their complete recruiting needs. Payment for this service level is due in three equal installments: search initiation, candidate’s job acceptance, and candidate’s employment.

Service Level – Engaged

This is our mid-level option. Clients who choose this service receive high-value service with more flexibility. Payment for this level is due in two installments: one-third at search initiation, and two-thirds at candidate’s employment.

Service Level – Contingent

At this level, our clients receive a referral list of highly qualified candidates to meet their needs with no risk. If you hire from our referral list, full payment is due at candidate’s employment. If not, no payment is due.

Service Level – Contracted

For some projects, specialized staffing for a limited time may be the best option. Our Contracted service allows us to locate and offer a high value candidate for your temporary needs.


For retained, engaged and contingent services, our fee calculation is a percentage of the job’s first year compensation, including base pay and any expected bonuses. For contracted services, our fee is based on pay rate.


What drives your team to success? How do they interact and cooperate to meet the needs of your company? We have a wide range of tools to answer these questions and advise you in supporting your team’s growth. We can also use these tools for better assessment of potential candidates during our recruitment process.

Relocation Support Service

Hiring Premium Talent is an essential step in growing your team. Providing relocation assistance, helps your company affirm a strong sense of cooperation and support for new employees. Our relocation support service offers efficiency and coordination to meet the logistical needs of your incoming team members.


We are committed to your company’s success even after you have hired our Premium Talent. Our goal in partnering with you is to help build the highest quality team within your company. In addition to hiring new employees, we want to give you the tools to retain your existing team members. Our team of experts understand the factors that influence job seekers. We will advise you on how to avoid those pitfalls and maintain your best work force.

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